No. 257, Dec.18-24, 2003



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It all starts locally

GOP wants money


It all starts locally

Asheville Global Report,

I found your publication on the internet. I enjoyed it. I am a 62 year old Air Force veteran and retired letter carrier. I published and wrote a local alternative newspaper in this town of 3,000, but I could fin dno advertisers after the local elite threatened them, so my paper folded.

The national conflict of interest is systematic. It begins at the local level where the local populace is intimidated or bribed by moneyed interests. The situation is multiplied up the line until you get to the Enrons and Halliburton, James Baker escapades.

I am donating $25 to you efforts.

John L. Boyer
Potosi, MO

GOP wants money

Dear AGR,

The Federal Reserve believes the US job market might not recover fully until late 2005 “or even later,” even with above-average growth in stock portfolios. The jobless recovery is working for the efficiency experts who get paid by the uber-rich, but Bush’s economic plan of naked wealth class surrogacy is off by 1.5 million jobs for this period.

On the environment, labor, security, civil rights, civil society policy, and economics, the GOP is corporatist-fascist. Their ethos is sold to their chattel via militarism, myth-making, and everything un-Christian. And the Selected One, the bandit Jorge Arbusto, was never meant to be President.

The Republican leadership, with all their anti-people aggression, won’t extend unemployment benefits this holiday season. More than a case of bad manners or vapid morals; America has changed since John F. Kennedy was killed. Unfortunately, Kennedy may have been the last person gutsy enough to take on corporatist-fascism in America. Everyone else learned the Kennedy lesson: Americans aren’t smart enough or strong enough to resist being led by the rich and powerful by their noses. Life is about paychecks; and provided the Silent Majority are getting them, nothing else matters. I guess the GOP just stands for Greed Over People

Grant Millin
Asheville, NC